San Felese Lodge – General Meeting, November 20, 2019

Meeting opened with a flag salute and a prayer. Twenty-four members were present. All officers were present.

Minutes & Treasurer’s Report:   Minutes from the Sept. 19, 2019 general meeting were approved as submitted. Treasurer Rose Stia reported a current treasury balance of $xxxxxx.

Elections: A final ballot vote was taken for the office of Vice-President.  William Frascella was elected to fill this vacancy.      The offices of President,  Secretary & Treasurer were uncontested.  Gerald DeLorenzo swore in the new board of officers for the 2019-2021 term; Thomas Frascella, President, William Frascella, Vice-President, Frank Bruno, Secretary, Rose Stia, Treasurer.  Gerald DeLorenzo accepted his appointment as Sgt. At Arms.  A note of gratitude was expressed to outgoing Vice-President for his many years of service as Vice-President.  His membership in the Lodge dates back to 1957.

Sick & Vigil:  No updates

Membership: Four applications were reviewed, voted on and approved.  We welcome Salvatore DeSapio, Donald Ricigliano, Janine Riciglicano & Gary Zarrilli.

Scholarships: Chair Jerry DeLorenzo  reported that the applications for 2020 will be online by the end of January 2020. Children & Grandchildren of our current, active (dues paying) members  who will be graduating in the Spring of 2020 will be eligible to apply.   Scholarship donations always welcome!

Mercer County Italian American Festival:  A note of gratitude to all who volunteered their time to cover our display. 

Church in San Fele Restoration Project:    Total collected to date is $945 with another pledge made at the meeting of $1,000 bringing the total to $1,945.00.  Member Dan Brenna contact the priest in San Fele as to how to transfer the money to his church. 

Plan Ahead:  Thunder Baseball – July 24, 2020;  Our Lady of Pierno Feast – August 15, 2020 (Saturday, 4:00 pm Mass with dinner to follow).

Christmas Luncheon :  Deadline to reserve is December 2nd.  Please contact Rose Stia right away if you plan on attending and have not reserved yet. 

Dues:  We still have about 20 members who we have not heard from.  If you have not paid your dues we ask that you remit them as soon as possible.  Those who have not paid will be contacted personally as to their intentions.

-Next Meeting – TBD – watch your email, website and facebook for information as to the first meeting in 2020

We wish all members and their families a Happy Thanksgiving and a Blessed Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.


Meeting adjourned. Refreshments served.

Respectfully submitted:  Frank Bruno, Secretary